merging line art & color layer

Hi Everyone,
Is there some way to automatically merge the line art & color layers for akll my drawings?

Basically I just want the color to be on the line art layer as well.

Automatically would mean making a script, which I don’t know how. The manual way involve some copy-paste action (whatever is copied within the camera or the drawing view is pasted at the same plosition, so transferring from or to the color art usually involves a swift copy-change layer-paste)

But you did say all your drawing ever automatically (maybe your project is big), so maybe someone could help with scripting?

I’m having similar problems here as well, I accidentally draw my masking in my colour art layer and I want to move them into my underlay art layer, I thought SURELY there has to be an easier way of moving the whole 30 drawings other than manually going to every single frame and copy paste it, it’s quite time consuming.

Generally overlay/underlay should be avoided other than for its intended use. It is often preferable to create another element rather than to try and shoehorn something in using the underlay layer as you will have more freedom to make changes using a separate element. Similarly, color art and line art layers behave differently with the color layer always being on top and color regions filling to the center line of the defining contour line.

Since there is no global method for shifting artwork from one layer to the next, you will need to copy/paste to move the artwork from one layer to another. Note however that there are some “Tool Properties” options that can make this task simpler to achieve, namely:

Permanent Selection: creates a selection zone that remains when scrolling through the frames of the element.

Apply To Multiple Drawings: Does what it says, cannot be used when drawing or erasing but it does have its uses

Apply To Line and Color Art: Self-explanatory, very useful in a variety of situations.

Tool Properties window: “Apply to Line and Colour Art”

Is there a way to merge the outline I made in line-layer with fill on color-layer? I know it works fine while using transform tool etc, but when I move sth little bit (let’s say head) the colour does not follow.
At the beginning I thought separating the two are gonna be useful, but is there a way to move it simultaneously…??

Hi, I also the same probleme.
I want to merge my drawing in the line art and the color, on the same, it is possible?
because, I dont know how to merge the color and line art on the same.
someone can help?