Merging Illustrator Artwork


I hope someone can help me out here. I’m using Harmony Stage and creating a short animation. The original character I’m animating was done in Illustrator and when bringing the artwork in it broke the character into a bunch of stroke and shapes. I’ve been drawing and changing the character by frame with the tools in stage. I’m getting a lag when copying and pasting artwork from one frame to the next. I have nothing else running and am on a pretty fast Mac. I was thinking it might be because the drawings were made up of so many stokes so I selected all the strokes in the drawing and pressed the flatten button in the tool properties. It only flattened the strokes created in stage and not the shapes that were done in Illustrator. Is there a way to flatten ALL artwork?



Menu-Drawing-Optimize-Flatten. This only flattens all the vectors on a given layer of animation. If your drawings are scattered over several files (layers of animation), you would need to copy/paste the vectors to a single drawing per frame first. Be aware that Illustrator vector drawings imported into Harmony are converted to Harmony vectors.

If your vector drawing have too many defining points per stroke, it can slow down even “pretty fast” computers.