Merge pieces for deformation rig

I’ve made a deformation rig in bone mode for an arm consisting of two parts: the shoulder and forearm. When the arm is bent an overlap appears with one part above another which I don’t want. I suspect it comes from the fact that the hand is cut into two parts. Is there a way to merge these two pieces with the help of a filter or some module in order to the deformation module perceived them as a solid element of the hand?

Thanks in advance.

Hi There,
Here is a great tutorial for how to use auto patch feature:

There is a new deformation tool in V11 called “Rigging Tool For Envelope” that you could use to surround your shape. Alternately, select “show all regions” and go to the Tool Properties Window (after selecting your drawing that’s attached to the bone). For the articulation you can select “Elliptic Influence” or “Shaped Influence” to constrain what is deformed. It also helps if the shapes being deformed are edited in a manner that defines what you wish to have as a result of these shapes overlapping. Same for bones and curves (if used in your rig).

You may be able to get the result you want by making the articulation area very small and having one bone overlap the other (not really sure what specifically you want the result to look like). Think of the articulation as being a joint like the knee or elbow.

Thanks! It was long time ago and as I remember I did everything I could with setting articulation and bone areas and got not ideal but more or less satisfying result. Although some artifacts left. Also I draw extra drawing with a hand bent at maximum and swapped it when needed.

Thanks for answer but this is not the solution because these parts are bitmap and auto patch effect works only with vectors.