Merge pencil lines not working

For the life of me, I don’t know why this feature in some cases simply does not work! I had a vector drawing of an arm that I split into two parts–upper arm and forearm–using the Marquee cutter. I moved the lower forearm part to a new drawing layer. Then, I wanted to draw a new line on the bottom of the upper arm drawing that connected the two lines together and then was curved for the overlapping joint. I put the ends of the lines almost on top of each other, overlapping each other, whatever, and they would not merge. I tried round ends, flat ends, etc., nothing worked.

I drew two new lines to the side on the same drawing layer and they merged just fine. But the lines on my arm would not merge. I tried making sure they were the same color, thickness, etc., nada. The manual says the ends of the two lines have to be close together but even when they were it just would not work. I wonder if cutting off the lines with the cutter tool trimmed them somehow so merging was impossible.

I finally had to add another contour control point on one line so that I could drag the end point over to the other line and then they merged. But it would not work when trying to draw a brand new third line. What is wrong in this picture?

Was the arm drawn in a previous version of the software perhaps, brought in as a template? Perhaps if you can reproduce this you can contact support to have a look on your system to figure out why this is happening.

Thanks for the reply, rkriz! It was all done in the same file/software, not from any template. I’ll see if there is some way to send support a sample so that it can be sorted out, if possible.

This program is full of bugs and it seems that the people who make and sell this software don’t have much time for testing it. I understand it’s a complex tool and it’s the best (only) one out there for professional animators, but it feels very amateurish.

If you have color fills with your lines, try removing them first before merging. Also, make sure there are no overlapping lines prior to merging. You might wanna flatten your lines to clear that one out.