Merge Layers


Is there a way to merge multiple layers in Animate Pro PLE?

I thought I was being smart by placing each segment of a complex drawing on separate layers, 37 to be exact, so that I could have better access to them later on. I then grouped them accordingly and drug the Master layer into the Symbols folder, converting the whole drawing into a single symbol.

Now I need multiple versions of that drawing for animating, but I can’t switch one symbol for another in the timeline, and the “Duplicate Drawing” feature only seems to work when all of your drawings are on a single layer.

Copying and pasting the drawings in “Edit Symbol” mode does not keep the order of the layers, so with 37 separate objects, I can’t easily paste the drawings into a single layer.

I was hoping to merge the majority of the layers, leaving me with only three easily manageable layers to work with. Is this possible?


I’m no expert, but I’ve seen how slow these forums can be, so my suggestion is to maybe create a PEG layer and group the layers you want in that peg layer. If that makes sense. Didn’t quite understand your situation because I’m pretty new at this program.

You could select multiple layers as you did and create a symbol out of it;
this will separate the layer drawings within the symbol. Then when you double click that symbol that you dragged into the Timeline, you could use the select tool to select all the layer drawings on the stage and copy them, then make a new drawing layer and paste it there.


I was able to recreate the drawing by meticulously selecting each layer, pasting them in a new single layer, and then grouping, duplicating, and modifying the results. And because I did this inside the existing symbol, I didn’t have to repopulate my scenes with a new drawing.