Merge Colors?

Heya all –

I was just wondering if anyone knew of a way to merge two colors together. I’d like to take all the lines of one color, and make them another color.

If not, does anyone know of a way to assign a color to a bitmap import? I can’t stand all the extra palettes…

I’m a newbie at using ToonBoom, but there are a couple of ways.

You could double-click on the color swatch you used for your lines, and then use the color picker to change the color. This is assuming you used the same color swatch for all your lines so they’d all change at once.

You can also use the eyedropper in the color picker to pick another swatch on your color palette or any color on the screen.

Or you could use the paint bucket and paint your lines another color by clicking on them.

I don’t have TBS open right now, but I think that’d work.

you can edit any colour you want when you double-click on it in the colour palette. you can even set the transparency value for it.
i can’t really understand what do you want to achieve with a colour merge?

Hi All

I too face simillar problem when importing PDF graphics, typically my models are created in 3D design software and exported as PDF file. Colors in 3D models tend to have many shades even if there is only one color applied.

This generates way to many colors in the palatte when imported into TBS, and clicking and merging color is simply impossible. In fact, this drawback reduces the power of PDF imports.

Only if there is simple way reduce colors ?


Hi Kkannan,

I don’t know on what software you are working but usually you should be able to color your elements with constant colors which are not affected by lighting therefore remove all the shades in the colored area. This should somehow reduce the amount of color imported inside Toon Boom Studio.

Also, I’m not quite sure on what purpose you are importing but if you plan on using them to rotoscope inside Toon Boom Studio it might be better to actually output from your 3D software to a bitmap format to prevent the importation of all the colors. You should be able to use the dropper in the color picker on bitmap so you can also recover your colors that way.

Let us know exactly what you use the 3D stuff for and we might find out better solutions for you.

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Thanks for the response. I actually use sketchup to draw my backgrounds and export as PDF. Sketchup Pro has a setting to change lightsource as sun and this displays flat colors for a 3D objects. But this will not change the PDF output which is going to be in many shades rendered by the openGL. It is mystry why output is different from display:(

I am pursuig this option for backgrounds and eliminate the coloring process altogether. I prefer 3D software for backgrounds in order to have consistent perspectives and coloring done only once and viewed from any angle.

In fact this is working great so far, and PDF import is the only reason i upgraded from v3. However when i try animation from a set of PDFs, the system is simply overloaded with excessive colors and shapes.

If needed i can send the samples.


Hi Kkannan,

It would be nice to have one sample for us to test. You can send the file to We will see what can be done about it once we get the file.

Thank you,


I appreciate your interest in solving this problem, i’ve sent a pdf file to tech support as you mentioned.


I am reposting the reply from TBS regarding merge colors for the benefit of others.


---------------- reply from TBS ----------------------
Hi Kannan,

Thank you for sending the file. I see your problem now and I will put
your issue in the feature request. I cannot guarantee it is going to be
implemented but we will analyze the impact of the change and will see if
it is going to be in the next version.

If you have any further feature request make sure to let us know.

Best regards,