Mega Slowdown

Hi, I have a big problem with slowdown in my scene.

I’m working in a project with only one scene, three columns in that scene and the length is under 300 frames.

My computer is pretty good, Core i7 processor, 4 gig RAM, nvidia graphics card and so on.

I’ve checked and there doesn’t seem to be anything scanning or working in the background and, other than firefox, I have nothing else open.

It was working fine one second and then just slowed right down to the point where it’s unworkable.

Update: I’ve checked if there’s something wrong with toon boom or if it’s the file itself by opening a new file and worked it for a bit and everything was fine.

I then tried transferring the drawings from the trouble file via the library to the new file and it seems to have transferred the problem too. Instant slowdown.

What could be causing this?

PS. apologies for posting in the wrong topic yesterday :s

If it is the drawing that is slow, you can try disabling the Anti Aliasing in the Display Tab of the Preferences. It might be the cause of your slow down.

I’ve tried that and it didn’t seem to make much difference. Like I said it worked fine one moment then slowed down completely. Not just the drawing view, the whole thing.

Although I have just remembered that I adjusted the memory usage from low to about half way up the scale. Could that have caused some kind of corruption within the file?

This could be the cause of your slow down, if the memory usage is set too high and you are using many bitmaps, you might be running out of RAM.

There are no bitmaps in this project. Only my rough animation.

But just in case I took the project to my work machine (much more powerful) and opened it in a different copy of studio 4 to my own.

No slowdown this time, but now it won’t let me click on any frames. Either in the timeline or in the dope sheet.

Whenever I try, the cursor slips to a blank frame further down the timeline instead. I’ve tried clicking on all the levels and the same thing happens. I’m thinking this project is a right off and I’ll have to start again :frowning:

You can send your project to . this way we can see if there is a problem with the project file and what can be done to fix it.