Mega delay after installing Windows 7

I wonder if you can help?

I’ve been running Animate Pro 2 with windows Vista and a Cintiq 21ux, all fine and lovely. Just upgraded to Windows 7 and there is now a massive delay with the drawing tools and large grey jagged ‘delaying’ rectangles that take a while to disappear!?

Animate pro 2 has been re-installed and the problem is still occuring.

Thank you.

First thing I’d recommend is to turn off the Aero scheme on Windows 7. You can get to this by right-clicking on the Desktop and selecting Personalize. Then select the “Basic” theme instead of Aero.

My next question is if this doesn’t solve your problem, what is the graphics card on your computer? It’s worth updating the drivers for your graphics card to the newest drivers for Windows 7.

Toon Boom Support

Thank you, it was the gfx card drivers, all happy now. ;D

seems that I have the same issue line starts to delay, or doesn’t show up, or shows up as a dot or straight line.
Switched to Basic settings in windows but it didn’t help. All drivers up to date.

My system:
Windows 7 Pro 64-bit;
ATI Radeon 4800 1gb ram ddr3;
6 gb ddr3 ram;

Please help


it works just fine today all line timing is fine. Does it mean that some background software is messing with my PC performance?


Yes, thanks for your reply, I think I m going to try and change my antivirus KIS as it gave me quite a few other issues apart from not letting uninstall and reinstall Animate and slowing down the PC performance dramatically while scanning.


Changed to BitDefender, so far no problems. Lines are smooth like never before!


Hmm usually I would say it would be the graphics drivers. If that’s not the case, sometimes I believe people have reported some security softwares that are preventing some functions, but not this particular issue.

Perhaps the next time it happens you could let us know what programs you have running in the background?


Excellent glad to hear it!