Mega bug with line thickness in layer properties > advanced (screens included)

When i enable “adjust pencil line thickness” and “zoom independent thickness” in layer properties > advanced the line stays at the same thickness perfectly for any size i choose, but when i scale axes individually they change and this features becomes useless for me. When i check “enable variable line thickness” in Edit > Preferences > OpenGL it works perfectly in OpenGL mode (if all lines are drawn with pencil size 1 only!) when i change axis scales seperately, but still not in render mode?

This has been driving me mad since ages, i NEEEEEED to be able to make universal wall templates that i can scale and still have the same EXACT line thickness as all other walls in the scene!

Anyone that can help make it work perfectly in render mode aswell? Do i need to add strokes in color art? Do i need to change pencil to brush? Do i need to change anti-alisassing settings/render settings? Anything?

Actually, it looks like it’s compensating the exact opposite axis, could this really just be a programming bug by Toon Boom?

Thanks in advance!

Below are the final render images. You can clearly see in the 100x1 example (WITH zoom independent thickness) that compared to the normal drawing the vertical lines are still too thick and the horizontal lines are decreased in size for some reason aswell:

If you want the line to stay the same thickness I think you have to do it in the Drawing view not with Layer adjustments. The layer adjustment affects the whole image whereas in the Drawing view the select tool can keep the same thickness if they are pencil lines types (not brush since those are areas).You can use in the Drawing view the Tool’s properties to scale and move with values but as you noticed they are not absolute coordinates but relative to the current position of the object.You can use the snap features also to help position things or the nudges (shift or not). If you put the Grid to Square Grid you will have more fine increments for the snapping.