Medical Malpractice

Using Animate Pro to tackle Medical Malpractice:

Steven Mussey

Hi Steven

Great movie! It’s good to see someone doing something about these serious social issues.


I thought the reporter section was quite boring and the chin of the reporter really annoyed me.

However the scene with the patient I really liked. It has a far side feel to it. I really found it amusing, especially when he said lucky i brought my nerf gun!

I liked it and especially seeing somebody use the 3D effect! I’d like to see more samples of that. I have yet to venture out and give it a try. I think I’m just worried about how all the background parts would interact–the characters on one plane, ground flat out, trees and bushes back a bit, buildings further back, sky way back, etc. Seems like some of the elements would appear to be floating around as the camera moved and if you don’t move the camera you don’t see the effect.

What’s up Doc? :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought it was very entertaining. I still can’t get over the fact that you are a Doctor who Animates. How cool and unusual is that?

oh and I Love your blog too,

Thanks for the comments!

To: TheRaider:

You are correct about the announcer parts. They are boring and I fell into the trap that Disney always beat up his staff about: “Does it help the overall story-line.” In this case, the answer is NO. It is too redundant and I could have done the same gag without even having that announcer guy. It is just filler. I think I will recreate the animation without the announcer.

The vibrating chin is something fundamental in the way I am doing some of my faces. I’ve watched it a gazillion times and never noticed that it looks so weird. But…. You’re right. I think I can fix that easily. I use the double letters because the sound synch might keep a single letter in many consecutive frames. If you don’t “mix up the letters” a bit, it looks odd. On the other hand, if you change the whole chin every frame, it looks weird too. I need to just change the mouth every frame, but change the chin on just the letter changes. In other words: the chin for D and DD is the same.

To: Zebtoonz:

Your animations are great! The look and style you use is perfect. I love your work. A 3D camera would wreck it. Don’t even go there!

By the way, you are correct about 3D having unexpected side effects.

I have no problem with the style, i quite like it, it was just that chin. Now you explained why it is acting that way makes a lot more sense why it looked odd.

Thanks for the compliments, Steve! I just saw them today–I must not have hit the box for being notified of replies or something. I thought that was automatic when you set up your profile settings? Maybe not. Anywho, thanks!

I will now click the button…

Awesome depth of a scene
How you do it? It almost 3D
I will be grateful for a lesson or tutorial

Actually, it is 3D.
Toon Boom Studio and Animate allow 3D effects of a limited nature.
However, Animate Pro goes much further:
Animate Pro allows you to rotate drawings and camera movement to take the 3D effect to a new level. The beauty is you can still work in the traditional 2D animation interface we all know.
The effect and look is a 3D world that keeps the traditional 2D style. It is a real hybrid. I could never do the type of animation seen in Pixar productions. I like my own odd 2D cartoon style. Animate Pro’s 3D effects allow this.
The “killer advantage” of upgrading from Animate to Animate Pro is this 3D rotational capability.
I’d like to post a “zip file” of the Animate Pro files for the scene that takes most advantage of the 3D effect. This way anyone who is interested can pick it apart to see how it is assembled.

“home movies”

Hahaha awesome Dr. Mussey!!!

I love the bit about the Nerf Gun. Nice touch!

I passed it along to Joan to take a look at. :slight_smile: