Media Server

Hey, wrong section the first time, let’s try this again:

I’m having a lot of trouble with Harmony 10.01 standalone. It keeps telling me it can’t connect to Media Server (which runs, I see it in task manager), sound in my scenes appears flat and I cannot export. I tried installing ffmpeg as someone suggested in another post, and I managed to make it work for a day (with a lot of rebooting and running as admin) but now it won’t work anymore for some reason. Tried reinstalling Harmony, disabling anti-virus/firewall, etc. Any idea?

I’m running Harmony 10 standalone fine. But are you hitting the button when you launch Harmony that asks “Connect to Database” or “Work Offline”?
If so, you have to select “Work Offline”. Since Standalone doesn’t do the database thing. That’s for the network version (or whatever they call it).

As for your other questions, what do you mean when you say “sound in your scenes sounds flat?” And for the cannot export question, I think these are too confusing to troubleshoot all at once. Sounds like you’re having quite a time with this computer. I would try to solve one thing at a time and maybe one is related to the other problems as you go along.
So is Harmony running at all now?

Definitely write in to for this one. There may be something particular about your configuration.

Hey tleblanc, I am having the same issues when I try to export to .mov file. It says I can’t connect to media server. I am wondering if it is due to the file size? I did find a work around. Open a second Stage and do a few frames of animation and then do your export for this new stage. This seems to work for some reason (again, file size?) Keep this stage open but then close your original stage and then reopen it. Then do your export. It has worked every time for me when I do this.
I was wondering if you found a permanent solution yet?
Best of luck!

I let windows 8 upgrade to the 8.1 service pack and ever since am unable to connect to media server. I can render out straight jpegs and have them run back in the player but nothing else works with .mov. I am running 64 bit and as I said it did work. But not anymore.