Mech Warp - Sphere


I’m trying to make an eyeball with Mesh Warp, to distort the pupil as it “walks” over the eyeball.
Is there anywhere I can find a model, a way of importing a semi-sphere into the mesh warp or a tutorial on how to build a hemisphere with ToonBoom’s Mesh Warp?

Thanks in advance


I tried to link to the image on my dropbox, but it failed somehow.

Here is what I tried to do.
I downloaded an image of a wireframed sphere.
Adjusted the nodes over the image to try to reproduce it.

and ended up with something like this:

But, It was fine, but not excellent, because of some “corners”.

This was the answer from the support:

Even if you import a 3D object - there is no way for Harmony to track
something on a 3D object (yes I know it was a 2D bitmap you imported). There is
a much simpler way to do an effect like this… Set the pupil’s “Y” resting position at
0 and make a function for the Y scale to make it compress the image (pupil/circle)
the more it moves away from this origin point on the Y-axis. This needs to be done
in the Yscale of the peg for the pupil as the pupil movements will be controlled by
its peg (most likely).

We are now trying to make a expression to do this. And try to do it on X and Y position.

I try it.

but not good.

look forward to the Mesh-Warp effects module can add the elliptical mesh deformation option.

that link:
404 Not Found.

I´ve tried to import a bitmap of a wireframed sphere from a 3D software, but the result was not that good.
I reproduced the mesh to match the image of the wireframe, but I did not had the info on the lenght of the deform axis. So the pupil (the image to be ditorted) sometimes seemed odd.“Too organic” as my animator said.
If the axis are too long, or too short. The distorted image seems to have “corners” on the deformation that shouln’t be there. And it is too hard and time consuming to adjust node by node.

That’s why I asked if there is a ready spherical mesh warp, or if it is possible to import a mesh on the mesh warp.

I’ve asked that on support, but I had no answer. I’ll try again.

There should be a “sphere mesh” button. That would be very usefull.

The green image comes from a green drawing.
The mesh was built on that sphere (but only with odd horizontal lines)

There should not be a corner as you can see on the left side of the green oval.

That happens on many nodes. I’m asking if there is an easy and less time consuming way of doing this.

If I have to check node for node. It will take ages… :stuck_out_tongue:

If you mean you are looking for a 3D mesh model of a half sphere as in an .obj, .dxf or maybe a native Maya format(?) file you can Google “free 3d hemisphere model.” You cannot actually build 3D models using Harmony but you could import an existing model.

(not sure the link will work for a saved search)

I was curious whether the Mesh Warp tool in Harmony actually warps in 3D or whether it is warping the perception of the 2D. This is what Support described:

The Warp tool will warp the 2D rendered image of the 3D object.
If you want the actual 3D object to be warped you will need to do this
in the 3D software itself.