mc_DeformerOnDeformer (master controll deformer)

How it is possible to create a deformer in the master control, using 2 deformers in an object:
for example an eyebrow or a character’s torso, using envelope and line deformation.

The error that happens is:

" Cannot create Master Controller: Invalid or empty selection."

Can you help me?


I was having the same issue, but I fixed it by watching this tut below

I hope it’ll help u

hello, i think you should select all nodes in timeline or node view

You need your DISPLAY to be under a Composite, that your Master Controller of deformer NODE is connected to, and having that DISPLAY active. It frustrated me also too much before i understood the way this works, and come to that conclusion.
You prolly had a drawing isolated with a display node. I was always trying to go back to blender cause of this frustration…
Tip. When you are creating a deformer on deformer be sure to have on your envelope deformer enough points so that you can animate it with the curve deformer

I don’t know if it has already solved the problem, but I still lacked to activate a property of the Rigging tool, which says: Automatically create a group when creating a new deformation rig.

Hello, I received the same error message after trying many solutions. I wonder because I did it before, and I don’t know why it doesn’t work now?!!

Hi, I just discovered that you couldn’t add deformer on deformed if you use multi deformations at the same layer for different drawings.

don’t click on peg, click deformer then click “create deformer on deformer”