Here’s my latest for your consideration…


was very different to your first one that you posted about the sausage and egg.

I really liked the monochrome style style.

The horse trampling scene I didn’t really “feel”. Was a bit wierd and took me a little bit to realise that is what it was representing.

I think the subsquent “maybe” scenes could of perhaps been a little shorter since you knew what was coming.

Overall it was good to watch and I liked it better than your last piece.

One question, i get the green crops, but why were some of the drinks also green?

Thanks for your comments Raider, very useful, as usual.

There’s a few things I didn’t like but couldn’t be bothered to change: the stampede scene was one of them.

The tea is colored because I want viewers to register, conciously or unconciously, the distribution of the cups and a change in level.

There’s seven pieces on newgrounds now each of which represents an experiment in technique and as with any experiments, they very rarely work as intended.


Who sang on your evoluzione, i remember that. I really like that song it is catchy.

You music certainly adds a lot your clips in general.

Hi Raider

Very kind of you to say so and very kind of you to call it singing!

I do all the singing, playing, music composition, narration and voices unless otherwise credited.


It is, it fits the music perfectly in that song. Give yourself some credit, it came out really good and professional.

Really nice, Roberto! Keep up the good work!

great job! :slight_smile:

i like the style, and colors, even though it was black and white, every object stood out as though it was colored. the music fit nicely too.

the flamingo at the beginning, did you intentionally mean it to stand at this distance from the camera so the splash would be cut off? because even with the distance you chose, a splash or part of it, in my opinion, should’ve shown, as i noticed most of bird’s head was actually visible. well, that’s what i thought…but anyway, great work! :slight_smile:


Hi Amin

Thanks for the feedback, extremely interesting.

I was especially interested in your comment on the heron. I’m so lazy that I put the beek below the border for 4 frames at 24fps so that I wouldn’t have to do a splash! I’ll re-think it for the .mov version.

Incidentally, the heron is based on a video I watched of a grey heron fishing in your current home, Ireland. They wipe their beeks from side to side in the water after they swallow, which I decided to leave out to because I’m very bad at “head turns”.

Thank you so much for your comments; very helpful.


ah :-[ that wasn’t a flamingo? my bad, not that it didn’t look like a heron but we don’t see many of these where i originally come from so i didn’t know what it was called, a flamingo was my first guess :slight_smile:

anyway, to be honest, it really looked like you were trying to avoid the visual effect, and i totally understand, visual effects scare me! i am half way through the most fascinating book, elemental magic, and with every page i read it just gets more complicated, its a whole different level of animation, a science on its own.

i think you could still get away with it, if you bring the heron closer to the camera so all or most of his head becomes cut off during that move.

or you could animate the splash, in that case, good luck! :wink:

Hi Amin

Reading "Elemental Magic is like looking up fom the bottom of an incredibly high mountain that you know you want to climb but you don’t know whether you can or not.

I referenced pages 167 to 176 for the fire effect in “Destino” and 203 to 206 for the smoke effects. I also referenced a lot of the stuff in Chapter 4 for the sea and incidentally the splashes in “Evoluzione”. By “referenced” I mean I looked at them while doing the work and attempting to find short cuts.

Bear in mind that Joseph Gilland didn’t have the luxury we have now. You can go out and video the sea, convert to *.mov, import into Animate and “trace” away until you get some nice movements.


lol this was wierd in a good way, maybe you got a good thing going here… maybe. ;D

Clearly you haven’t watched sausage and egg by Robert.

lol sausage and egg was brilliant, great song too. Both of your animations are very good, hopefully i can make something as good one day!

Hey SoyID_4787.

Thanks for your comments. What’s happened to “Chicen”? I wanted to take a look.


after watching everyone elses animation, i guessed it werent upto standard for this forum, looking forward to your next one!