Maybe someone out here can help me with this...

I posted this on another thread and have’nt received a reply so I guess I’ll see if I get an answerback here. I just bought a sealed copy of Toon Boom Studio 3.5 from someone on Ebay, but when I opened it all it had inside was the disc and the installation guide…no product registration card, no license key card and the barcode label on the back was scratched out. I contacted the seller and he told me that the TBS was indeed new…he’d gotten it as a gift from his parents and that he sold it because he already’d bought a copy and did’nt need another. It’d never been opened or used and the reason that the barcode on the back was etched out is because his parents didn’t want his present to have the price printed on it…makes sense as we all do that, right? Let’s face it, when you buy somebody a “priceless heirloom” gift that actually cost you $5.95 at Walmart you certainly don’t want to advertise it! Anyway, this really puts me at a dilemma…does the software always have the license key insert card inside or is the missing barcode label the product registration number I need? If the answer to the former is no, then is the license key and all that a part of the disc when I actually install it? If not, is there ANY way for me to retrieve it or am I just gonna find myself shite outta luck? This is really REALLY important 'cos I’ve been waiting for nearly a year to finally buy this and now with TBS 4 coming out next month I’m gonna want to upgrade. BTW, the guy’s a legit seller with 100% positive feedback rating and has already offered to refund my purchase price if I can’t get this sucker to work. I’d be eternally grateful if someone could advise me on just what I can do…I’ve already e-mailed Toon Boom Product Support but have’nt had a reply from them yet either, so needless to say I’m not a very happy camper right now. ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

Hi there grannyjuju,

I’m not sure about the answer to your question, but I would say be patient over the weekend. I don’t know when you sent your email but you probably won’t hear anything until Monday at this point, but I’m sure you will get a response from the staff.

Did you try installing the CD? I don’t know if it has the key or not, I didn’t buy a hard copy.



I bought the hard copy. The license key was not in the package. It was emailed to me directly from ToonBoom when I placed my order and my payment went through.

If this guy did not give you the key when you purchased it, and didn’t offer to when you asked about it, then it sounds physhy.

I once bought Dragon Naturally Speaking on Ebay from a seller with high ratings.

I installed the software with the key provided and immediately registered the product over the internet. I receiving a message on my screen that the product was successfully registered, so I too gave the guy good feedback, saying that the product had successfully installed, activated and registered.

About a week later I got a popup asking me if I wanted to register.

I tried and it said there was some sort of failure problem and to try again later. I didn’t think much about it.

Later I tried to open the program after having Word already open. I got a message saying it could not open the product because it was not legally registered. By this time I’d been using it a couple of months, opening directly from the product.

I called the company and learned that I was approximately the 8th person to try to register this same number. Also, by this time the seller was no longer allowed to sell on Ebay.

So - no key number = no installation

A key number that will both install AND register still might be illegal, as my Ebay purchase turned out to be.

If he does give you a key number, you should phone ToonBoom and ask about it anyway.

Hi Juju,

Basically we do not support software that were sold via Ebay but in any case if the software was indeed completely new it should have been packaged with a license key. If the box didn’t have any key with it and was bought directly from us or from a reseller we can confirm the order and replace the key. This being said we cannot confirm the key was not stripped from the box and wrapped back (for once you have the software registered you can always download it back directly from our website) therefore we do not provide new key in those case.

It does not mean the software was stripped of its key by the reseller but this is one among many reason why it is against the terms and agreements to resell a copy of Toon Boom Studio and unfortunately I am not sure if we can do much about it.

Your best option is most likely to ask for a refund on Ebay (or your credit card company maybe).

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It’s already been done…I got my refund this afternoon and am shipping it back to the seller. Very disappointed to say the least…I’ve been waiting so long to get this but could never afford the $400.00 tag price. Heartbroken does’nt describe the feelings, I tell ya. Thanks for the help out here, everyone…I just wish this wonderful app was’nt so cost-prohibitive for a starving artist such as myself. Think I’m gonna go and throw myself a pity party n’ have a good cry right about now…
:-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[

TBS was (still is?) just available for $299.
Flash = $600

And ToonBoom Studio Express is available for $99.

Good to hear that you were fortunate enough to have received a refund.

I know, but I can’t afford it 'till the middle of next month (rent and bills coming up pretty quick)…maybe if it’s still on sale by that point I might just be able to get it. Guess I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed. As for Studio Express, I’ll take a look at it…at the very least I’ll be able to upgrade from that to #4 without any worries, right? Oops…guess I should ask first…CAN you upgrade from Studio Express to Studio #4? That would be the only reason I would consider getting it, as it just does’nt have enough features when you compare it to the full version.


There should be some discount price to upgrade from Express to version 4. Although be aware that pricing may not be the same. For more informations make sure to get in touch with our sales team at

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Thanks, Ugo! I just sent an email off to them and am waiting for a reply. Oh, btw…a friend of mine has TBS 3.0 and occasionally lets me mess about with it (that’s how I found out about it in the first place!)…here’s a couple of wee doodles that I’ve done…it’s just a bit of larkin’ about and most of these are being used as avatars:

God only knows what I could do with my own copy!

I love the cats! Feline movement is so supple and fluid, a true joy to draw and animate.

Here’s a cartoon I did of the characters from PVP that includes a cat.

Welcome to the community juju!