Maximum image size on Animate Pro 2?

I am thinking about using a huge panning background, and just found out that my test background doesn’t render, although a smaller version works fine. What is the maximum image size that can be used? Is there any workaround, other than chopping the image up?

Another option, just construct the background image in Photoshop or any similar software, cut it up then replace the background image at certain points in the timeline to keep the project file size manageable.

That is what I’m going for, right now. However, from pro-grade software I expect to have its limitations documented…

I don’t know the max dimensions.

I would just create a background that can be looped. It is animation. It is common to see backgrounds repeated as objects move.

Thanks for thinking along, but my background matches a changing perspective, and corresponds to some extent to an existing city, so looping it is not going to work here…