master puppet in Animate


I just moved from DP to Animate (not Pro) and I am planning on creating cut-out characters. The characters are very similar so I want to create a master puppet and then just be able to change features like eyes, ears, mouths and color palette. Is there a way to do this? Thank you for your help.



You probably could achieve this, take note that the pivot point location may change from one character so make sure to have the 2 characters set as different copy. Also, when you are creating the second character you may want to design it with the onion skin and have the old character set in the previous frame so you can design it around the same area to avoid having to move stuff around too much.

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Thank you for your response. Honestly, I did not understand your instructions but I am pretty sure is because I am not familiar with Animate. Please allow me to tell you how I am used to create my puppets on DP.

I create each body part on its own layer. Then I put all the parts together to create the character. I have seen that you all recommend creating the entire character and then cutting all the moving parts. I feel more comfortable working the way I do it. Is that wrong? Will that work on Animate?

In regards to use an existing puppet as a master model for other similar characters. I was hoping to use the symbol option in Animate. In other words, can I create an entire puppet and then make it a symbol and the use that one as a template to create more characters?

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There should not be any issue creating the character layer by layer. We recommend using a still of the character that we cut down since it is most likely faster to work that way but your way is as valid as any other one.

You could make a single symbol out of your character but I don’t think it would be too convenient as to animate the character you would need to enter the symbol which will put the character out of the context to move parts of it, to get back out of the symbol to see the change in context. In such case if might be better to still use a master peg that you would collapse and have each pieces of the character in a symbol so they can be manipulated independently without having to enter the symbol.

Hope this will be clearer.