master peg centre stage?

I need to stick my animated character in the middle of the stage but when i add a peg to his root layer i only get options in the properties panel for skewing and rotation but i’m after being able to type in the coords 0,0,0 so it’s central like you can do for drawing objects, seperate elements etc. Is this doable or do you have to workaround?

Peg movements are done visually in TBS. Why not simply attach a peg and move your character visually to align it to a spot on the grid?

The reason was because I’m making lots of short clips of character reactions which are to be exported and used in flash - i originally thought I would have to have each clip’s root exactly at 0,0,0 so there are no offset issues when put into the game engine.
As it happens it doesn’t matter as the movie clips are treated independently anyway!
Still, would be nice to be able to type in 0,0,0 like you can in max and have it appear smack in the centre of the universe :slight_smile:

thanks for the reply anyway!

Generally the elements start off at position 0,0,0 which refers to the center of the “page” being at this location even if the animation is happening in one corner. This is because the software is based on traditional animation where a page of drawn animation was moved on an animation table using physical pegs
with areas defined by the fields of the field chart.

We do not actually track the vectors themselves but the page; and then treat the vectors position relative to the page. So to standardize everything you could set the element and peg to 0,0,0 and use the field chart grid as a reference for the character on the page. I hope this helps.