Master Controller Toolbar Not Loading

Hi, I’m unable to get the master controller toolbar to load.

I can call up the Master Controller panel from Windows>Master Controller or clicking on the + in any tab panel.
This draws the main panel, but the toolbar (attached) does not appear.

Sometimes this happens with other panels, and right-clicking in the space where the toolbar should be will bring up a contextual menu that lets you select the toolbar.
For instance, if the Node View toolbar is not visible, right-clicking in the empty space next to the tabs activates a pop-up menu whose first item is “Node View.” Selecting that lets you toggle that panel’s toolbar on or off.

Doing this in the Master Controller panel does nothing.

Any ideas?


I figured it out. The master controller toolbar can be enabled by right-clicking in the space at the very top of the application window (next to the deformations toolbar, for example.)

The documentation is misleading if taken literally. According to the documentation, selecting Windows>Master Controller adds the toolbar to the workspace. It does not. What it does is opens a Master Controller panel. But this panel cannot display its own toolbar the way the Node View or Timeline can. It is like the Onion Skin in this way.

You can actually do what you originally tried but this only works when the Master Controller view is nested in the main views. Displaying the Master Controller view menu bar within the MC view is not possible while it is floating independently. For example if you drag the Master Controller tab to the Tool Properties view it becomes nested there. Once nested there you can Right-Click to open the MC menu across the top of the MC view. I tried dragging the MC view back out while the MC menu was displayed across its top but as soon as it was a floating view again the menu disappeared.

This inconsistency is shared by other options I cannot recall but it is common to Harmony imperfections.

Does anyone have the ability to display this tool bar on the top row on the top menu bar?

I even removed all but the most basic menu creating 80% blank space yet the Master Controller menu bar still appeared as a 2nd row wasting valuable screen space.