Master controller snap keyframes.

I was hoping that the provided script on the learn portal could be edited to allow you to snap keyframes instead of interpolating (as well as change drawings).

For rigs that say have head turns that use a lot of redraw, i’d love to use the grid that just copy/pastes the keyframes and respective drawing of the positions (say point A is keyframe 1 (head full left), point B (middle head) is frame 6. By moving blue from left to center would paste keyframes 1 2 3 4 5 6. Same way for up positions (say keyframes 20-26), and down.

With the way the script works right now it doesn’t change any drawings so you can only use it for rigs that use no redraw and only deformers.

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Try Pose Copier for your needs.

Pose copier is what i’ve been using, but it would be a lot easier if I could have the head/chest/legs pieces all rotatable with 3 controllers on stage. All that’s needed to make it work is not have MC interpelate frames. Right now to do the same with pose copier you need to make a template for whole body, head only, chest only, legs only, and then load each one anytime you want to rotate whatever.