Master Controller Slider Isn't Working


I have created 120 drawings for my master controller, and when I move my controller it “flips” through my drawings which is awesome. However, when I place a keyframe in the timeline, and then another keyframe, the master controller isn’t filling in the gaps like it is when I’m flipping through it normally (without keyframes). In the timeline, it just gets “stuck” on one image and jumps to the next one.

I’ve been trying to fix it for hours. I’m extremely worried because I am now coming to the realisation that every tutorial I watch is using one image using pegs and warping, rather than individually drawn frames like I have done. I’m worried that I’ve not only paid for harmony premium for no reason but have also wasted countless hours drawing all these frames.

I am a newbie so I’m hoping that I’ve just missed something very simple and easy to fix.

Please, if anyone has a solution let me know. I am desperate.

Hey Sasha,

The master controller uses math to create the inbetween when you key frame it on the time line. That’s what separate drawings and pegs are used for when you watch the tutorials online.

In the case that you have here:
Giving the master controller a bunch of hand drawn frames will only tell the master controller to switch between those hand drawn frames.
It has nothing to calculate. You drew it all yourself without the aid of Harmony’s pegs or deformers.

My suggestion would be to save your hand drawn as an animation reference library for poses.

On YouTube, check out how to rig your character.

After the rig is complete:

  1. Have your hand drawn poses behind your rig.
  2. Pose your rig to match the hand drawn you did. Using separate drawings, pegs and deformers.
  3. Create a new master controller with new character rig’s drawings/pegs/deformers selected.

That’s how you’ll be able to get the character to interpolate/inbetween on the timeline.

Also, send a message to toonboom support to double check my suggestion - as the process I suggested may take a some time.

All the best!