MASTER CONTROLLER - Only useful if you can script

Good afternoon everyone,

The registration page for our first Master Controllers webinar is now available!

I look forward to see you there.

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Thank you for the heads up, Marie-Eve!

Looking forward to the webinar :smiley:

Hope yall have an excellent week/weekend as well!

Did this webinar happen on the 2nd, was it recorded, and will it be available to view? Will these scripting webinars be available to come back to later?

Will the webinars be available for later viewing? Did the webinar on the 2nd happen, and when will it be available to watch online?


the webinar of November 2nd was shifted to November 16th. In general, all webinars are made available for later viewing after their live screenings.

Hi All, Ok so this is what we’re talking about. The fab Stylus Rumble, and some tech type dudes put together a more user friendly solution to the Master Controller ‘debate’.

( I would have put the youtube video link here - but forum kept saying invalid characters when submitted!!) so try this :

This is great, it also highlights why we are all a bit miffed. Look, just look at with a bit of common sense - a decent user interface was created. The head turn visual idea like with mouth shapes is genius and is more in-line with how I would want to be using this tool, great job.

I just wonder if the loverly tech guys at TB will develop this feature and update us TB 15 users, I really don’t want to see this as a development of something we see in TB 16.

Cheers, Jason

Thanks for sharing this! I created a new thread on the main forum if anyone has notes.

From my discussions with programmers on the master controller, it’s a hugely useful resource. They are geeking out about how much utility it has.

The tricky part is getting the connections from programmer brain and animator brain and coming up with good solutions.
This MC wizard is really just the tip of the iceberg from my limited understanding of the techno-geek side of things. Just like flash has a tonne of community-created addons and resources, I think this is the start of things like that for Harmony.

There are a few harmony friendly programmers out there, Cartoon flow, William Saito, and Scriptor, that I know about. I’m sure we can scrounge up a few more :smiley:

i have a pretty good balance of programming and visual skills so i feel pretty confident about harnessing the potential. i am a little hesitant, however, to invest a great deal of effort into working the master controller system into my workflow.

what would be a real problem, and a real shame, is if TB gave us this obviously experimental, open-ended, fledgeling gift at this stage, and we (the community, the petri dish) out of necessity ended up building up a “standard” of usage/UI customization/etc., only to have TB release h16 with some completely different approach to using this system that ignores the community’s labor toward making it a viable solution in the first place.

a regular dialog between the community using the master controller system and TB will be vital to the life and future of this feature, and will reduce the risk of infuriating us guinea pig customers when the “official” way to use it in h16 diverges and breaks all of our efforts to embrace it in h15.

still haven’t installed h15 as i’m in the middle of a h14 project cycle but i will definitely be diving into the m.c. system as soon as i can, so thanks to the folks who have already been documenting their experiences with it. and webinar tomorrow, woo woooo!

Yesterday it was only a dream. Today one can hope less foolishly. Expect to rely on workarounds, make do’s, and community patchwork…what’s that? was something users of other software did but rarely if ever Harmony users before Tracy. Don’t expect Toon Boom to put the time and effort into developing and testing improvements to this feature…they could…just don’t expect them to. You would have to wait until they produced something before you would feel it was now OK to use.

Wow, that looks awesome!

Thank you sir!

Good afternoon,

Thanks to everyone who attended the webinar today. It was great to get so many questions and feedback.

For anyone interested in watching the webinar, we will post a recording of it shortly. We have also provided the master controller (called the Interpolation Grid master controller) we demonstrated on our Learn Portal. You can download the script and the assets we used in the webinar, from the Harmony Scripting course, here:

That script was designed to be used with a wide range of rigs so feel free to try it out! You don’t need scripting knowledge to use it, but we recommend you read the related tutorial and watch our webinar once we make it available.

All the steps are documented on how to use the User Interface and apply it on your own rigs.

Have an excellent day!


Wow, that looks, um, super awesome too!!! :smiley:

All joking aside, I didn’t have the chance to watch the webinar yet. But, the described Interpolation Grid in the linked documentation looks really flexible due to the customizable number of it’s rows and columns.

Thank you for your feedback! :slight_smile:

The webinar recording will be posted shortly, but all the information is also written in the provided link.

I wish you a great week-end!


This looks super cool! can’t wait to play with it!

The Pose Interpolation Grid Script is great.
I would like to know if there are any plans for a similar script helping to setup sliders.

I’m a bit confused about using multiple master controllers with one script in one rig.

Say I have 20 frames where my blinks are via deformers. I make a master controller to control my left eye to allow me to drag it to blink.

But then I want another controller to be on stage to control head rotation. Can the script above work with multiple things being controlled from within one node or would I make multiple nodes?

Also How would you use this in another project file.

If I import that rig to stage, and delete so theres only front view, will dragging controller make the other sides work if only the first keyframe the only thing thats on stage?