Master Controller Issues - Interpolation

Hello Everyone,

In the study I’m currently working at we started to do some hybrid riggins, mixing traditional cutout with 360+Master controller for the head of the characters. We’ve done several characters with no issues at all, until a few days ago a bunch of rigs started to don’t work as excpected. After defining the key frames on the UIscript taken from the MC tutorials of the Toon Boom Learning Section, the interpolation between the frames with some elements stopped working:

This particular rig wasn’t done by me, but I double checked the nodes, deformers, hierarchy and peg structures and everything looks fine. The keyframes also looks fine and I can’t work my head around the issue:

There’s also an issue with the program we’ve been having from time to time that I think it might be related with what happens here. Sometimes when I use the command “set motion keyframe” to interpolate among two stop motion key frames, some elements don’t interpolate and I have to repeat the command a couple of times to fix it.

If anyone knows a solution for this problem please tell me, because I think I’m losing my mind here.



Hi there.
I can’t guarantee I can reply again to this thread, but here are some things to try-

1.) make sure each character has their own unique Master Controller label when creating & naming their MCs. If two characters have the same name eg: there may be problems.

2.) Make sure elements are not being renamed with “_1” somehow. This happens when multiple characters are added within the same node space.

3.) Remake the rig and make sure the script location is added in the master controller node itself- See reference guide regarding setting up templates using Master Controllers. It’s not complicated, but it needs to be done to work

Not entirely sure what the problem is. Has it ever worked? Try a fresh scene with one character- test it, then try adding another character and testing that. Is there a change?

Best of luck!