Master controller issue, Layer ordering for some layers is not working as expected

I’m fairly new to harmony and started to create my first master controller rig after watching some tutorials. So this is a head turn controller, I created a 9 frames head turn from left to right (3/4th to 3/4th), which seems completely fine if run without any controller. I used slider wizard after selecting the required nodes, and then set 1 as start and 9 as last frame.

But when I use the master controller to animate (by making keyframes from leftmost to rightmost position) , both the ears peg are working differently. The R ear gets on the top way before the time and the left ear gets behind the head at that same time. However if I move the wizard slider, at runtime(while I’m sliding manually) the animation looks fine as before. the problem only arises when when I set keyframes and actually animate using it. I’ve also checked there there are no underlying animations apart from slider.

I’ve attached the video clip to explain better. May be I’m doing something really stupid as I’m new to Harmony. So please help me solving this.
Issue clip :

When you open up the Slider Wizard, make sure to UNCHECK the “Interpolate Between Poses” Option. The Z-depth on the ear you established on your frames has where you want the z-depth jumps to happen, but the slider you made has more interpolation and notches in it. Anyway, try to re-make it without “Interpolate Between Poses” and if you want more notches, spread your keyframes further apart and then fix where the z-depth stuff gets messed up manually and then repeat the process making a new slider. It is very very common to make a new MC, realize you don’t like how it’s interpolating, delete your MC, and then make another one.

When trying to use a grid, the way you would do it is let’s say frame 1 is your Front Pose and your frame 10 is your Quarter-Front pose. You tween (Motion Keyframe interpolation) and find that Harmony randomly pops the ear in front of the head at frame 2 or 7 or something. You decide you want it to stay behind the head up to frame 5 and then on frame 6, you let it come forward in z-depth. So you would keyframe all the z-depth adjustments you want to happen on frames 5 and 6 (for the eyes, ears, arms, legs etc,) so that frames 1-5 tween perfectly and frames 6-10 tween perfectly. Then if you were to create a grid wizard, you’d click on any art or peg in your scene to start, then choose New from the grid dropdown, then type in Grid Size of 4 X and 1 Y. You can leave the Cell Size at 2 and 2. When you create it, you’ll see that the far left position is at -3 X and the far right position is at positive 3 X. You will click the left red dot and choose frame 1, the second dot frame 5, the 3rd dot frame 6, and the last dot on the right as frame 10. Now, you click on the 5 and 6 dot and scoot them as close together as you can so the messy z-depth stuff happens as quickly as possible for when you create the grid. So, I’d make the X value of the 2nd dot something like -.1 and the X value of the 3rd dot positive .See how that works for you.