Master Controller 'Forgets' what nodes to influence

This morning I proudly tried to show a friend a Master Controller rig I stayed up late fine-tuning. Much to my disappointment, all of the Master Controllers (Grid and Sliders) appear to have ‘forgotten’ which specific pegs and deformers they are supposed to influence! The sliders and grid controllers (8 sliders, 2 grids) have all remembered which frames to influence but not which specific pegs on those frames. Because I am hoping to roll out this rig for a few animations I would hate to think that they are going to have to reconnect the controllers regularly, especially because they are not riggers. I’m a bit new to rigging in toon boom and I’m hoping there is a very simple solution that I’m not aware of.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the Unroll Master Controller Poses Wizard.

I have all these script files in the scripts folder of the harmony document and I’m hoping I can just import them or something. Is this happening for anyone else?

Thanks in advance for your help and apologies if this is a huge newbie question. I’ve watched a lot of tutorials about it and I couldn’t find the answer.

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Okay everyone I figured it out. I didn’t have my MasterControllers is the same groups as the nodes they are controlling and it’s possible that caused some problems. The main problem though is that I didn’t have the Master Controller toolbar up which has a little load button that will access all the scrips and load in the controllers. If you right-click where the library is and add the MsterController Menu this gives you the tools you need to fix it. Thanks for all the help I would have received!

Really glad to know you have found the missing link.

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I have a similar issue. when I save and close then open the proj again, controller’s canvas representation just disappears and I can’t seem to find where to re-link the script(if that’s what I need to do).

I too figured it out whoops within seconds of stepping back into toon boom. I didn’t know there was a show master controllers button in the master controller toonset.

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