Master Controller 17 Lip Sync Trouble


I’ve been playing around with the master controller, and while posing is no issue, I’ve been having a difficult time actually animating with the Master Controller, esp in terms of lip sync.

I can’t seem to combine the posing attributes of the head movement with the lip sync controller. When I try to do the body acting first, then apply the lip sync MC, it pops the head into a neutral front pose. When I do the lip sync first, the head won’t do any form of master interpolation (it’s stuck to the keys already created by the lip sync)

I did a walkthrough video of the issue here.

My file is here;
V01 is the lip sync only, V04 is the body acting only. (v2-3 are just versions of the body acting)

I’ve been using the materials provided from the learning module on the master controller here

and cross-referencing the videos created by Marie-Eve Chartrand

Thanks in advance!

Bumping- can anyone assist with this?

Otherwise I’m chalking up that you just can’t lip sync using the master controller (since you can’t marry the two posing and lip chart elements seamlessly)*

*which seems super dumb and I KNOW that can’t be the solution

Stylus Rumble talks about how she did it and has a free rig with it so you might be able to see how it was done:

Hi monkeyface! Thanks so much! Using Jammy was going to be my next option (I LOOOOVE Tracy, she is truly a gift to harmony’s knowledge base!)

I just figured the official rig provided by Toonboom should work, but that was my plan B after trying to problem solve here.

I’ll try it out and report back to see if I can’t figure out the difference between what’s happening with Marie-Eve’s rig and Tracy’s rig.


Ok- got the Jammy rig, played around with it, and Jammy poses AND lip syncs beautifully. So it’s something with Marie-Eve’s rig, not Harmony/MC. Thank you Stylus Rumble!!! <3

You know more times than not I’ve found Tracy using methods different than the Toon Boom official tutorials, and her way working better! Pretty amazing.