Can someone give me a fuller description of how to use masks than the one in the help files? I can’t get them to work at all based on the meagre info there.

Check the Getting started guide and search ‘putting on a mask’ (chapter 13 on pages 150) for more details. Basically, you need a matte to cut the image.

Thanks Juho - but where do I find the “Getting Started” guide-? I didn’t know there was one! I thought you meant the pdf in the help menu, but page 150 of that talks about textures - masks is on p639 and only has a couple of lines of explanation which I’ve tried to follow but with no luck - all it does is give you an invisible drawing layer with no information on how to relate it to the layers you want to mask.

Have you already downloaded the Animate Kick-Start-Videos (about 980MB):

Check out chapter 13_10 “putting on a mask”
and chapter 13_11 “editing the mask”…