Trying to create a simple mask for an animated effect. Nothing intuitive in the UI for creating masks so I searched help - nothing. I searched the help PDFs - nothing under M for masks or masking. Nothing under Effects Modules for masking either. Starting to think Animate Pro doesn’t support masks…? Is that even possible?

Of course as soon as I submit this post, I figure out that “masking” in Animate Pro is called the “cutter” and it is an effect module. Darn this foreign terminology :frowning:

and in Animate it is a Mask and pro it is a cutter.

I guess the reason is they feel masks are used for multiple effects so they thought it might be confusing.

Thanks - i keep getting hung up on the obvious details because of the lack of documentation. I end up scouring the web for simple features like masking :frowning:

Getting there though. Just taking longer than most other animation programs.

it is in the documentation?

have you looked at the help… Not saying it is great, but there is documentation.

What you might want to do is take a quick read through all the effect modules in one go, just to get an idea of what effects you can do.

Then the other resources that are available to you are the tutorials on the website:

And the Tip of the Week videos:

There are a number of tips there on character rigging that you may find helpful.