Mask outline?

Hi,In the new version SB2 when it was demoed for me at work, there was an black box icon right above the timeline and/or the thumbnails which let you mask what was outside the storyboard panel so that it was black. In SB1.6 it was only available in the Pitch mode. In the new version at work I saw it directly above the thumbs but now with my new install at home it is not there. How can I make this appear?

Nothing? Well in case anyone wants to know this is how you fix what I asked. The preference for the Camera tool bar is turned off by default.To turn it on, from the top menu in SBP, go to Edit or Storyboard Pro > Preferences > Camera TabUnder Options select Show Status Bar

Thanks for posting the answer back here. I was about to answer it but you saved me the trouble. :wink: