MASK not going to EDGE


I looked all over and can not find an answer to what I’m doing wrong. I have a simple character (circle for a head and triangle for the body on separate layers). and want the CIRCLE HEAD to overlap the TRIANGLE BODY, leaving a masked drop shadow. Because the head will be moving around I want the shadow to use the BODY as a MASK. Both body shapes are filled with a PATTERN. The CUTTER NODE is leaving the DROP SHADOW cropped in, as if it was reading a non-existent line. I have no LINE WORK on the body, just a shape. I’ve attached an image with what I’m getting visually as well as how I have my NODES setup. I’m sure it’s USER ERROR, but haven’t been able to suss it out. Any help would be appreciated.


Have the shadow node go directly through the Apply-Peg_Transformation node, then through the Cutter. You were applying the Peg Transform to the cutter, and it was taking the part you had cut out, the top of the triangle, and moving that as it would appear behind the circle head to the new position.

Edit: Can we not attach images to our posts when we reply? I wanted to show a screen cap to show how to do it but for some reason I don’t see the option to attach images to posts.

That did the trick! Thank you so much!