Mask inversion

I have a little poser again. I’m creating a mask effect. Everything is just fine with this but if I would like to inverse mask effect I seriously don’t know how to do that…
Quick explanation:
I have a background rectangle and using mask I want to hide just the painted elements. Now it is like what is painted is visible actually. Is there a way to inverse this effect? My goal is to make something like expanding hole in the ground made by mechanical divice.

Hey there. Toon Boom has an article on the Clipping effect that includes steps to do Inverted Matte ( Maybe that will help. I haven’t tried the Clipping effect myself, so you’re ahead of me in this area. Good luck!

Seems I don’t quite get what is the difference between those two methods. I comparise them both and see none. In both cases We use painted elements as masks but all have the same effect: what is paintes is visible and what is unpainted is hidden. I tried to inverse this effect (all what is painted is hidden and all what is unpainted is visible) but without result. Still can’t figure how to make such inversion. Something like regular photoshop mask. I draw something, than add standard mask, and while painting on this mask with black brush I hide corresponding element. Would love to know if this is possible in TBS.
But thanks TheCubiclite for Your answer :slight_smile: