Marking Audio/Timeline


I’m new to using Storyboard Pro, and loving it so far! My question has to do with the timeline and/or audio.

I have been provided with audio tracks and am creating a storyboard/animatic that is timed to the narration. Is there any way to mark the audio tracks, or mark the timeline itself, to indicate a certain point in the audio? Ie if I need to cue a cut from one panel to another to the word “Look!” in my audio, can I create some sort of visual marker for the exact time the narrator says “Look!”? Is there a way to import markers from another software (aka Adobe Audition), or create them directly in Storyboard Pro?

I’ve run into a lot of frustration with this, as every time I change the length of a panel or scene I have to go through and manually match my cues again, AND I have to scrub to find the point in the audio, and adjusting the panel to match is very time consuming and frustrating.

Thanks for your help!

Hold the ALT key while dragging the side of a panel and you won’t have everything else shifting about. Also it’s good to use the shortcuts of ‘split panel’ and ‘split scenes’ so you can first roughly block out when starting fresh and create new panels without having to shift stuff back in place.

Hey bud,

I assume that you’ve finished this project by now but here’s what I’d do. RIGHT click on the timeline audio and make sure the the “Show Volume” feature is turned on. Once you see the blue line (volume controller) on your waveform/audio clip just hold down ALT and left click on the line. This will add a audio key frame that you can use as a substitute for a maker. Once you’ve got all of your keys (markers) in place just lock the audio track so that the audio doesn’t get shifted when your changing panel length.

Hope this helps buddy, lemme know if you have other questions RE: cutting in SB Pro. Cheers!