Map Lip-Sync using Symbols

I read the user guide from beginning to end. I know how to use the auto lip-sync tool, but I can’t do it using symbols - why is that?

I have different facial expressions for different mouth shapes, and I saved all of my facial expressions as symbols. I try to map the lip sync to these symbols, but it doesn’t work. Any help???

Ok. So I had to get creative here to fix the issue.

I decided to create a new head template and remove the mouth symbols. Then, in the timeline, I created the mouth shapes as drawings. I used the mouth drawings on the head template and then I was able to use Map Lip-Sync without a problem.

Does anyone know of an easier way? I would still like to know if I can use the auto lip-sync feature using symbols.


Oh, I so WISH there was an easy step-by-step how-to on the CREATION of the mouth shapes BEFORE lip-syncing, where you do them, are they drawings, symbols etc. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

lipsync is not only mouth shapes, but jaw movements, too…

Having the same problem. Anybody know how to set up mouth shapes to use lip sync generation using symbols or templates so you can update the shapes and have all your content update?

You can’t use elements inside symbols for this because the there is an
extra level of abstraction between elements inside a symbol and the
timeline but you can do the Lip-Sync mapping to a mouth element
(layer) outside a symbol and then copy/paste the timing in the Xsheet
from the lip element to the jaw element (if needed) provided that they
both match (same cel labels for mouth drawings and their analog
jaw drawings in their respective elements/layers).

(Layers were called elements in previous versions)

I recommend NOT using symbols, see my comment above.