Manually Adjust Timing?

Is it possible to manually adjust timing by dragging cells like you would in Flash? I feel like this was possible in TB before, but now when I select the range I want to move and adjust, it just moves the selection without changing the exposure of the frame before it. I know that TB was mostly designed around classical animation in this case, but given all of the digital tools there has to be some way to do this.

I’ve recently moved over from Animate Pro to Harmony, and this issue has really puzzled me.
I’m not able to extend the exposure of a drawing by clicking on the last frame of the exposure and dragging it to a new frame in the timeline; ie: clicking on frame 6 of a 6frm exposure of a drawing and dragging it to frame 12 to make a held drawing of 12frms duration. This was possible in Animate and Animate Pro, but I can’t do it in Harmony. (or am I missing something really obvious?) When I try, it creates a new exposure based on my selection, as though I now have a new drawing in the timeline, although the library window still only shows 1 drawing.
Curiously, If I click and drag the first frame of a drawing in the timeline and drag, I can adjust the duration without a problem, making it longer or shorter.

Could someone from ToonBoom help me out with this?

I’m now going to answer my own question.
Having spent a long time pondering this before writing my previous post, I’ve gone back to Harmony and solved it.
Using my previous example, extending a 6 frame exposure of a drawing to 12 frames by clicking and dragging. If I click and drag the empty 7th frame in the timeline and drag that, I can extend the duration of the drawing or reduce it. Very curious, and very different from Animate and Animate Pro, and Storyboard Pro.
I hope this helps anyone else as it’s much quicker and more ‘hands on’ than other methods of adjusting exposure durations.

Scaling (Stretching or Shortening) the Peg’s Motion-Block in the Timeline including all key-frames,
Unfortunately has never been implemented into Animate or Harmony.
Though, this feature is available in Toon Boom Studio for many years.

You might like and send the Toon Boom Team your feature request.

select Frame or Frames on the Timeline and right click and select Exposure Set Exposure or select Cycles to Edit your Frames on the Timeline, you can definitely change the Timing of your Animations like this, this only works with Onion Skin Animation though

I tried to do what you suggested, but it only extends the drawing to the single empty frame I selected and dragged.