Managing scenes

I’ve just figured out how to make scenes so that I can edit them separatelly in Toon Boom Studio 7.0 . The thing is, I’ve only done one scene for now, but this scene, shouldn’t be the first one in order.

I wonder, is there any way to sort the scenes so that the animation that’s now in scene 1, can be later in the animation? I don’t want to need to sort them in another program, I want the whole animation to be done in Toon Boom Studio and then be able to export it as a whole.

thank you for this nice community! :slight_smile:

As far as I know, one can drag any scene into any position using the Scene Manager…

I’ve only found something called “scene planning”, and it’s for editing depth or something in the animation. Please can you be more specific where I find this scene manager? :frowning:

thank you for the fast response tho!

Top Toolbar / Window / Scene Manager… or shift+command+M for Mac.
Still using Studio 5. Hope the Scene Manager hasn’t been discontinued in Studio 7 ?

Yes I found it! Thank you so much! I really needed to know, and started to get a bit worried… The animation is for a schoolproject and it’s important that I get it to work. Haha, I can’t thank you enough! ^^’