Malfunctional TBS 5 (Grids and layers fracture)

Here’s the URL containing a screenshot of the fractionated grid. There are 2 layers showing simulataneously. One layer’s magnification differs from the other. It’s crazy.

Now will someone respond?? The question has been up for awhile now. This is the most recent plea. It’s totally debilitating.


i’m only a user, so no real support :wink:

increase Video Memory Usage and System Memory Usage
in Settings → Display

if this doesn’t work,
change the OpenGL renderer.

Hi Julian,

I’m afraid that I can’t see your image - when I copy the address in it brings me to yahoo and asks me to log in.

In any case, in general if you have a problem with the software and no one gets back to you, then feel free to email tech support, and someone should get back to you.

I’m afraid I can’t help you without a more detailed description and without being able to view the picture. :slight_smile: Feel free to either post the information again or to email tech support.