Making wings fold

Is there an “easy” way of drawing a flying bird with folding wings? It’s considered “easy” as long as it doesn’t involve drawing the wings frame-by-frame, having the program do most of the work.

Some examples:

Well, just draw the wings or the whole bird / three drawings should do /
(more if you need more detail) wings-even, -down and -up /
and then repeat the whole cycle (maybe on two’s).


This is just an example, not only for birds, it flies/moves, then tilts on a side. Is it possible to make a 2D drawing kinda 3Dish so that it’s easier to animate?

I think what you may be getting at is using a pegged rig to work it out. That would work on the most recent example you posted, but not on a profile.

Drawing it out like Nolan says will actually be easier.

In my experience, every time I try to find a shortcut to make the computer compensate for my artistic lackings I wind up working harder and getting a weaker result. Dig around out there and find some reference material. Keep it to a simple line drawing. You could animate the body, the legs, the head, and the wings on separate drawing elements to make it a little simpler, but this really is a fun and relatively simple challenge.

Another good example is Nina Paley’s stork. We see the stork from a few different angles, but the simplicity of the drawings is clear.

The trick is to see through and draw through the shapes, and to start with a fast, rough animation that focuses on shape and timing, then hit it again on a new element, working the shape again but adding detail. You’ll get there.

That Nina Paley cartoon is certainly a nice example of animating a flying bird, but it is an even greater example of the power of animation to pound home a political / social statement. Talk about visualizing the population explosion…wow. -JK

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