Making something walk in animate pro ple

I downloaded the ple animator today and I have no prior experience to animation. I’m trying to make something walk across the screen with legs. I found a video using pegs and it allowed the feet to be lifted and the program filled in the inbetweens

Like on frame 5 the feet were moved by pegs and the frames inbetween were showed the animation automatically

I can’t seem to be able to figure out how to do this in the pro ple version. They had a toolbar menu and a peg only button thingy.

Anyway to do this in this version fairly simple?


You might want to go through the tutorials of the software, it may help you figure out what to do. You can get them through the following page:
(get the Kick-Start Video Tutorial and Sample Material)

By the way make sure to post your questions in the proper section of the forum in the future (there is a full forum for Animate/Animate Pro in which you will be able to get answer faster from other users of the software).

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