Making Shapes w/out Strokes


I’m trying to draw shapes in Harmony that do not have outlines.
The way I’m doing it is by for example, selecting the rectangle tool, enabling autofill and turning the stroke down to 0.
(alternately I have tried setting brush and pen color to a transparent color.

Either way when I draw a box I get no visual indication of it. In Illustrator for example I get an outline drawn even if
stroke is not enabled.

Is there a way get some sort of visual feedback when creating shapes with no outline.



From the Paint drop-down select the Stroke-Tool
Activate Show Strokes from the View Menu. Or hit the - k - key.
Start Drawing.

Thanks Nolan. That doesn’t quite do it. Enabling strokes will show me the outline after I finish the shape and release the mouse.
I want to get a visual indication while I’m dragging.


That’s exactly what I get on my system.
A green line when I draw - changes to blue when I finish.

You must have the magic touch. I’m on the latest version of Harmony on Windows 10 and no green line for me.
Not the end of the world.
Thanks for the info.

The line is not visible while drawing if you’re using the Ellipse or the Rectangle, only after you finish. It’s visible only if you draw with the Polyline or the Stroke tool. I had notice this before, I’m not sure it was like this on previous versions. The only solution I can think of is to use a thin line with a dedicated colour pot so that later you can change the colour to 100 percent transparent, but obviously it’s not the same as actually seeing the shape of the rectangle or ellipse while you draw.