Making Onion Skins a lighter opacity?

So I’m just trying to figure out how to make the Onion Skin lighter. Not how to change the colors or get it to go away, just make it not as bold so I can see the layers underneath it a little easier and it’s more of a ghost image than a solid outline. The stuff I can find says to click “Top Light” in the Drawing tab, but Top Light isn’t an option. I have Light Table selected so that I can see all the layers in the Drawing tab, but that’s obviously not what the instructions I can find are talking about. I tried right clicking and looking in Customize and Top Light isn’t a selectable option there, either, so I don’t know what on earth those are talking about. I tried going to Preferences and I can only set Onion Skin to color or greyscale. How do I adjust it by % like I would in something like Photoshop? Right now it’s too bold for me to accurately draw the layer I’m on where it needs to go, but I need it on for the details on the frames.

Go to Windows and open Onion Skin Window. There you use the sliders to increase and reduce intensity.

For Top Light move your mouse cursor to a blank area just above the Drawing or Camera view work area, Right-Click and select either Camera View or Drawing View in the menu. This will activate the tool icons where you will see the Top Light.

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What level of Harmony are you using? (That means Essentials, Advanced or Premium)?

I described how to access these with Premium. Essentials does not offer this Onion Skin or Top Light option.

That’s not an option in Windows. I’m already in Drawing View when I right click the Drawing tab, and Top Light isn’t in the tool icons.

EDIT: (I double checked, and I actually stated this in my original question. I had already tried this. I know how to right-click on things. If it were that easy, I wouldn’t be asking here. I’m asking because everyone is telling me it should be there, and it isn’t.)

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If you’re going to be condescending and demeaning, I don’t need your brand of help. I found the answer on my own, thanks. I’ve reported your threat (because that’s what your “warning” was) as spam, please don’t contact me again in the future.

Saying “be nice or I won’t help” is a threat. I never said “not helping is harmful”. You’re being an elitist prick. Check your privilege and get off your high horse.