making an animation film out of images

hi guys,
i’ve just tried to test tbs (3.0.1) on a laptop (acer celeron 2.5ghz, 256mb ram, winxp home) to output an 8,000 frames animation made out of targa-images, each picture of about 375kb size in average (the whole images import was about 3gb). i intended to try flash output first, because its file size was the smallest one. there was no soundtrack, only one image element.

the result: the computer of the above configuration doesn’t manage to render the whole film, it crashes due to insufficient memory. the memory usage diagram curve in the task manager was at ca 35-40° continuously upwards till the software crashed.

now my questions:
1. would it go with much more memory?

2. what would be the workaround for animations with many scanned or imported images and thus much rendering capability required? if splitting the whole was the key, how to reassemble the parts then (i don’t have neither flash software nor qt pro)?

thanx in advance.

has anybody animated bitmap images in tbs?

Wow 8,000??? Is it just a video and uve imported all the frames, or u drew/took 8000 pics? Crazy :wink:

Well ive never tried that, but even with 5 tiff images of 15mb each, my tb didnt work, and thats only 75mb…urs is 3gb! And mines got 1.8ghz p4 and 512ram, so even if u get urs down ALOT u may have trouble.

Can you not just change the bmp’s to jpegs or something smaller?


it was an animation, but not my own. mine is still in for the making :wink:
the pics were already jpegs, pal 768 x 576, though. it’s the quantity that made the whole stack.

that’s why i pushed the system to the limits: my animation will have no less pics, if not more (i still dunno if i’ll do 12 or 25fps). i just wanted to prepare myself for this future task. and it’s a huge thing to come…

well, at least i know now i must change the system before i even draw the first picture :wink:

sorry, as i wrote in the first post, they were targas. jpegs would have maybe halved the whole bunch, but i think at least 1gb would have to remain. it’s still a helluva lot… and still no sound counted.
the second thing is the quality. jpegs are no lossless format. it’s hard to make cuts in the own work due to the limited technology. seems i could give .pngs a try.