Making a layer stay still while the camera is moving.

I need to create a layer that stays still on top of all the other layers while the camera is panning across them. I’ve already figured out how to do this with the background: you attach the background layer to the same peg as the camera, so that they move together. However, I need a layer to be on top of all the other layers, not behind them. I have a character walking across the screen and a thought bubble appears next to his head as he’s walking; I can parent the thought bubble to the head, but then it bobs up and down as the character walks.

Same thing, attach a cable from the camera peg to the layer. To get the layer on “top”, adjust the Z-depth (front/back axis position) of the layer’s peg to have it be in front of the other elements.

So if the layer does not already have a peg, attach one to the layer and plug the output of the camera peg to go into this peg.