Make the Return Key Behave Itself

By default, Return will play the timeline. This is great except for a few things. When you rename a drawing and press Return to simply take care of the “OK” radio button, sometimes it plays the timeline. Same thing happens when you rename a layer or something and then press Return to finish naming it. Can’t you guys just program it so that Return will play only if some other program dialogue is not being completed? For this reason, I changed my Toggle Playback shortcut key to be the spacebar a few years ago. The software allowed me to have it as a duplicate shortcut for Pan. When I held down the spacebar, it let me pan. When I briefly pushed and released the spacebar, it toggled playback. For some reason in the last 2 or 3 versions of Harmony 12, when editing shortcuts, the"Press Shortcut Key" box does not recognize when Spacebar is the desired shortcut key. I clear the box, press the spacebar, but it doesn’t show up like it should. The box remains blank instead of showing “Space”. I hope this functionality will be fixed in the new version of Harmony. Thanks! For now I programmed Toggle Playback to be Backspace.