Make the keyboard shortcuts easier to manage

I’m currently spending some time today getting my working environment setup just how I like it. Now that I have two TBS animations under my belt, I know what tools I’m using the most and would like to have the fastest access possible to those tools.

Customizing the keyboard shortcuts is proving hair-pulling. Here’s a common example:
I want ‘K’ to choose the Paint tool.
Find Paint in the tools menu, choose ‘K’ as its new shortcut. I’m told that ‘K’ is currently used to “Show the strokes that compose drawn shapes”. The alert is fine and makes sense, however, at this point there should be some kind of “Yes, I know what I’m doing, please change it anyway” button.
So now, I have to scroll through each category, through each shortcut, waiting for the ‘K’ to show up on the right just so I can remove it. The clue that was given (“Show the strokes that compose drawn shapes”) has no real meaning to me, and does not indicate what category the shortcut can be found in.

This post may have come across more bitter than I intended. I’m happy, it’s just that I could be happier. And as we all know, it’s all about me. :slight_smile:

Have a little cheese to go along with your “whine”. -lol- JK


Hi Will,

I have forwarded the request to the product manager. Though it might be too late for the patch we will see if it is possible for us to slip it in the feature list for next version.

Best regards,


Hi guys,

I must admit this is frustrating. We’ll fix that for the next version.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I’ve been using Harmony for a year and change now - is it the same or similar to TBS? In any case, the hotkey mapping, which should be a finger-snap quick feature, is slow and slightly irritating.

I feel it might benefit from a feature - I’m not sure what it’s called - in which you scroll through the names of all the available functions by tapping the first letter of that function’s name in the active field - also, a display of the mapped keys would be useful for those wishing to learn how the myriad of functions are named.

While we’re on the subject - a Script Editor with the “Echo all” feature used in conjunction with the hotkey mapper would add a great deal.

Hi Brentorama,

Thank you for your request although if you have some feature you want in Harmony make sure to forward them to us by e-mail for Toon Boom Studio and Harmony have a completely different team and what you request here might not be applied in the software you are working with.

Best regards,