Major sound problem

Hi- I Imported a song from Itunes ( converted to mp3 ) into SBpro2 . It would not play . I can however hear it when I scrub through… But obviously I need it to play to work with it .
I opened up previous files that i had music and sound effects on and now the sound won’t play on them either . .
I exported it as a quicktime . the sound does play here . .Am i simply missing a setting somewhere ? I don’t believe I have changed anything since I last used sound .
Help - this is really important . i can’t work on my right sequence now .

Have you clicked the sound icon (button) in Tool Bar menu when you play? If you can hear the sound in exported movie, the sound would work in Storyboard Pro.

Yes of course i have pressed that button … oh no wait . that fixed it ! I could have sworn I tested that button several times .Clearly i didn’t . Unless SBpro is out to drive me crazy .
Well a days stress is over . thanks for the reply .

Which one is that!!?? i have the same problem and I dont know how to fix it, I pressed the sound button on the track but im not sure u´re talking about that button or an other.