Major Import and Vectorize problems

Hello and thanks for taking interest in my thread…

I understand that it is possible to edit imported images if they are imported and vectorized using the exposure sheet.


When I import and vectorize my images (and this has happens with every image I try to import), random parts are missing and it looks like someone has just sliced my images into pieces (lol). Why might this be?

Please be aware that the file format I use for my images is PNG.

Looking forward to your replies :slight_smile:

Well, one can Import and Vectorize, e.g. PNG’s, PSD’s, TIF’s, JPG’s (no alpha channel)…
Open Toon Boom Studios Preferences / Display and change the Renderer settings,
e.g. from OpenGL to Quartz2D/Direct 3D or vice versa… Restart Toon Boom Studio…
(does that solve your display issue…?)


Thank you very much! This has solved my problem :slight_smile:

;D This was a helpful tip for me as well. I struggled to get my Screen Shots that my MAC by default saved to TIFF. Changing the rendering settings brought the images to the crisp view I needed for the presentation. Did not find this in the manual. Might be worth putting it in. I upgraded recently during a move from PC to MAC and thought it would be better. Ok fault was mine but this should be documented.

I am curious to know which display setting worked the best; OpenGL or Direct3d (or Quartz on Mac)?