Maintaining aspect ratio when changing frame size in QT export

I’m experimenting and doing preproduction on a cartoon. I’d like to produce it in widescreen (1280x72, 24 fps) and make it work on the web, DVD, and Ipod. This means I have to work with several different frame sizes and pay attention to safe areas for the most square aspect ratio I’ll be using.

I made an animatic last night using scans of my storyboards, which are widescreen. The properties of the TBS project are the previously stated 1280x720, but when I export I used the 320x240 size needed for Ipod.

I was hoping that it would letterbox it or crop out the sides, but it just expanded the vertical more, which tells me that when I change the frame size in export, it will favor the width as the dominant factor.

Is there a quick and easy way to get it to crop the sides and favor the height so that TBS off-camera areas don’t show up? The storyboard frames are widescreen and it just included the notes area below, which are off screen. I’m hoping I won’t have to make two different versions of the final movie, but I guess that won’t be too tough either, really…

Hi Rob,If you are usinig TBS with QuickTime there is a dialog window to control these settings when exporting. Click on quicktime movie at export and click the option button. Then in this option window, click on the size button.You should see a checkbox that says, preserve aspect ration using this method (and a combo box to choose from crop, letter box or expand). This is to be used if you want to export a 4:3 movie but preserve the 16:9 aspect ratio.If you want to create a wide screen movie for the web, you could also calculate a good size movie for the web using 16:9 ratio:Example: 1280 / 16 * 9 = 720 (original size)Web example: 480 / 16 * 9 = 270 ( 480x270 would be a good size for wide screen movie for the web).You can even smaller. To set a custom size for the export, go to the same size option window, and in the dimension combo box select the last option custom. Then enter the numerical values in he text box.I hope that helps.Cheers,