Maintain volume while squashing and stretching

Hi, I’m using Animate. I know how to scale something with the Transform tool, but is there any way to maintain the volume of an object while doing this? In other words, as a I scale x up, y scales down, and vice-versa. Instead I have to judge by eye the volume of the object I’m scaling.

Another thing - sometimes on my Macbook Pro the Animate window opens up larger than my screen. I can’t grab the bottom-right tab to resize the window to my screen size and it makes scrolling through the timeline layers a mission. Any way to remedy this? Currently I have to go to RESET DEFAULT WORKSPACE view, but soon as I go to HAND DRAWN ANIMATION workspace or anything else, TOO BIG. Have to use the default workspace. Doh.

Thanks for your help.


o resize a window on a mac hold down the option key and click on the green plus button (top left), that forces the window to fit on your screen.


Thanks that’s great.

Anyone know about maintaining volume while scaling either x or y axis?

In my experience, I know of no way of doing this as one simple step in TBAnimate. This would make a great feature request however. Once you’ve tried this in Anime Studio, as you know, it’s easy to see how handy this option would be and would just require the use of a modifier key with the Transform Tool.

Totally. Its such a great feature in Anime Studio and I’m surprised it hasn’t been implemented in TB. Also, I don’t see any numeric values that’d help me, ie, if I squash x 0.8 then I should stretch y 1.2.

Thanks for the reply.

in the tool properties of the transform tool, there is a little lock icon between the x y coordinates. another thing you can do is hold the Alt key while resizing with the transform tool

Nay friend-o. That scales them in proportion. I want X to go DOWN as Y goes up. Or Y to go DOWN as X goes UP. See - then you maintain volume. When I try what you describe on my MAC, X goes up as Y goes up. Or X goes down as Y goes down. Kind of fiddly for Squash and Stretch. I would like the option to have an INVERSE relationship between my X and Y values.


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