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my mac 0X/Intel has 16GB main memory, my tbs use only till 4GB. in the prefrences i made the max. using of main memory. what is the problem? mariola

Although I’m no Mac expert, I believe the difficulty comes from the limitations of 32-bit applications. Since you mention you have 16GB of main system RAM, I am guessing you are running in 64-bit mode.

Unfortunately, however, Toon Boom is a 32-bit application and is therefor not capable of recognizing/utilizing more than 4GB (technically slightly less actually) of RAM. The OS will of course continue to utilize the rest since Leopard is 64-bit itself, but Toon Boom can not. This has been a problem for newer Mac users for some time now, as Photoshop is resource hungry and would also benefit from the increased RAM.

One trick Mac Photoshop users can utilize is the RAM Disk feature, which creates a virtual hard drive in memory which you can then format and assign as a scratch disk (in Photoshop preferences). TBS does not, apparently, support an assignable scratch disk, although the RAM disk may still be of some use to you if you have an option in your OS to assign the RAM disk for use as virtual memory before the system resorts to paging on the root drive.

So, the basic problem is 32-bit apps won’t truly use more than ~4GB because they can’t “see” more than that. (Though some may “claim” they do, they are using clever disk swapping techniques to get around it).

I hope this answers your question, and visit the link below for details on that RAM Disk trick, which you may find helpful if you also run memory hungry 32-bit apps like Photoshop while animating, etc.


MAC OS X RAM Disk information:

dear mark thank you, because it is sunday, it cut be the answer. i make some calls tomorow with my mac seller. ahoj from mariola