Magnet Tool and/or Soft Selection

i just watched the hamony videos for the new pencil functions-simply amazing!

Would be nice nevertheless to be able to freely pull and move centerline and contourpoints with a magnet with user defined radius( and falloff maybe), as known from various vector drawing softwares.

toon booms drawing abilities already tend to be supirior to some vector drawing-only packages in many terms but this is something i would miss for its felxibility.

a large radius on such a magnet would be great for changing the overall proportions of a character on the fly and very intuetively for example.
also you could bend and alter things in a very organic and artistic way wich in most cases you woulkd never have come up with traditionally selecting group of points or single points and dragging them around individually.
i think this would offer more freedom inspiration and conveince for certain tasks.

also/alternatively i was thinking about a soft selction for the contour editor with a falloff around a eslection of points, affecting not only those directly selected but also fading out to those surrounding them.
a feature which is quite common and available in most 3d packages today wehn you start pulling vertices. pulling vector point with this feature on could defintiley benefit from such functionality as well i think.

thanks again :slight_smile:

Hmm this is very interesting to think about. I’ll bring it to the team to discuss.